Rehabilitation: Live Your Best Life

Pediatric to geriatric, inpatient to outpatient, talking to walking: Consider our team of more than 90 therapists the literal and figurative shoulder you can lean on to get you back to your life. Our programs are highly comprehensive, from eating/swallowing/sensory therapy in the NICU to addressing mobility after a fall.

We are the ultimate healthcare co-pilot, meeting you where you are and walking with you until you have reached your goals.

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The North Memorial Health Advantage

  • We are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Services (CARF).
  • We work hand-in-hand with our Det Norske Veritas–accredited stroke program—widely acknowledged as one of the best in the nation—to provide care from emergency to outpatient rehabilitation and support groups.
  • We offer inpatient and outpatient services, including lymphedema therapy, balance/dizziness therapy, occupational therapy, and speech pathology.
  • You have the same therapists assigned to you from the ICU through outpatient—or your unique path—which is unique and addresses your needs without ever dropping a detail.
  • Our lymphedema program treats and manages your lymphedema or non-healing wounds through decongestive therapy. All care is based on your treatment tolerance and needs.
  • Our physical therapy program helps improve your physical skills after an injury or medical treatment. This could include addressing dizziness or balance issues, concussion management, fatigue, brain function, mobility after trauma, mobility after joint replacement, pain reduction, and integration back into your home.

Elderly patient in rehab therapy and nurse

  • Our occupational therapy program assists you after injury, illness, or medical treatment with your self-care skills, home management, occupational skills, vision/perception, NICU evaluation/treatment to address positioning and sensory, thinking (cognitive) skills, and leisure time activities. We direct these skills in accordance with your goals to return you confidently to your life.
  • Our speech pathology program helps with the communication, thinking (cognitive) and swallowing skills after stroke, traumatic brain injury, or cancer treatment. We also work with concussion management, voice therapy (including videolaryngeal stroboscopy), dysphagia therapy (including videofluoroscopic swallowing studies), and NICU evaluation/treatment to address feeding and swallowing, cleft lip/palate, and infant communicative signals.


Inpatient Rehabilitation

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Our Inpatient Rehab Therapy Program provides comprehensive, personalized care in a supportive environment where you can begin adjusting to a new way of life.

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Outpatient Rehabilitation

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Our outpatient rehabilitation services are comprised of occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech language pathologists who are dedicated to helping you recover from an injury or illness.

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